Albanian Water Sports provides hotel accommodation and water sports (windsurfing, sailing, kitesurfing, stand up paddling) rentals and tuition, as well as other outdoor activities located at the heart of the beautiful sandy beach of  Velipoje. Our customers and their families enjoy great holiday times and make new friends while learning, improving and practicing unique water sport challenges.

Velipoje is the windsurfing paradise of Albania for beginner and intermediate levels. It shares the long 20 km sandy beach with the famous Ada Bojana and Ulcinj in the nearby Montenegro. Check out pictures from windsurfing, kitesurfing, riding with SUP the Buna river (50km long),  the Sailing Day  on May 1st in Velipoje, short TV documentaries in the news, or photos from the recent years in our Gallery!

2018 offer 

Hotel Accommodation

Hotel Princi i Vogel, Velipoje, is an excellent place where you can find great hospitality and quality at an uncomparable price to explore all the nearby attractions! We provide holiday packages and  guests receive discounts for water sport equipment rentals.

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Water Sports Activities

Windsurfing, kitesurfing, sailing, swimming, SUP-ing, canoeing, and many other water sport activities - you can do it all in excellent conditions, flat, warm water and steady winds! Check with our water sports school if you are newbie trying to learn about anything to everything on these sports.

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Other Sporting Activities

Not a big fan of water sports but like to enjoy nature? Velipoje offers magnificient places to explore - biking, trekking, hunting and fishing or just walking in the largest nature reserved park nearby - you can do it on a walking distance from us!


Holiday Packages

Check out our latest holiday packages combining accommodation with water sports and other activities to please everyone wishing to learn or practice sports in Velipoje...

Water Sports Academy

Want to learn windsurfing, sailing, or kitesurfing? Velipoje is the best place in Albania to learn water sports, with its flatwater conditions and steady, warm winds. We have the right equipment for all ages and categories...

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Points of Interest

Velipoje is surrounded by many tourist attractions - come here and visit nature reserve park, the Vilun lagoon, the Franz Joseph island and Ada Bojana at the Buna river delta, or visit the Rozafa castle in Shkoder and learn about the ancient town's history!





We provide accommodation in a pleasant, small, fully equipped and typically Mediterranean hotel: Hotel Princi i Vogel. Taste the local cuisine and a perfect place for holidays with friends and families. Check out our services, latest offers and email us for bookings or more details -

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 Would you like to try, learn or practice windsurfing, kitesurfing or other water sports? For those who enjoy the exhilaration of a blue water challenge, Albanian Water Sports offers great facilities and competitive offers for learning and practicing windsurfing, sailing dinghies and catamarans, SUP (Stand-Up Paddling), wakeboarding or kayaking among others. We also offer tuition for all levels, so visit us with your kids for a great fun. Velipoje beach has flatwater sea throughout the year and steady side-onshore thermal winds blowing constantly 15-25 knots every day during the summer period. There's much more than water adventures, Albanian Water Sports has facilities and equipment for biking tours and other enjoyable tours.





Our off-peak-season special offers for 2018 (for more packages click here or email us):

learn windsurfing offer(April-May & October-November)

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windsurfing offer  (April-May & October-November)


Franz Joseph Island Tour offer hotel
 Buna river tour 1  Buna river tour 2  Buna River Stand Up Paddling Full Tour
 Stand Up Paddling Vilun Lagoon  SUP canoe bike all day offer  Stand Up Paddling Velipoje Shengjin

The calendar of our activities for 2018: 

- January 1st - as per our tradition we started the new year by windsurfing. A bit tough this year with the unusual cold weather but spring is just next door!

- March 15th - The Summer Day has a ancient tradition and it is a national holiday in Albania. We celebrate it by gathering in our place in Velipoje to windsurf, sail in the sea and stand-up paddle to Franz Jospeh Island.

- April 21st - We plan to stand-up paddle across the Shkodra Lake, aiming to ride from Koplik to Shiroke through the lake.

- Every weekend until the end of May. Summer has already started in Albania and we practice windsurfing and other sports in Velipoje, Albania. When sunny we are there every weekend.

- May 1st - the Sailing Day - as for every year we invite all our friends to join us in our spot in Velipoje to celebrate with windsurfing, kitesurfing and sailing the start of the season

- June 1st we are planning to reach Albania's largest island - Sazan, by paddling with SUP. The launch will be from Vlora city for a total distance of around 30 kilometers. Those wishing to join us in this activity please email us at  or join this event in our Facebook fan page Albanian Water Sports

- June 21 - The ride day. We invite all our friends to join us for a Stand-up Paddling and/or canoe ride throughout the Buna river, starting from Buna bridge in Shkoder, to Velipoje (cc 50 kilometers ride).

- May/June and September - The Windsurfing Academy starts the activity in the Velipoje beach. This year we will work with children 10-14 years old, to prepare a new generation of sailors in Albania. 

Calendar of activities of 2017:

- January 1st - we all started the new year in the water. The weather was perfect, 18 degrees, sunny and light winds favorable to start our activities.

- March 15th - The official Summer Day of Albania (don't be surprised, it's a national holiday, always warm and sunny!) was another beautiful day in the water.

- April 27th - The Windsurfing Academy, a training school for adults and kids learning windsurfing, starts every weekend in Velipoje, until end of June, restarting September 1st.

- May 1st - Albanian Water Sports organized the Sailing Day event in Velipoje, gathering sailors, windsurfers, kitesurfers and many others to enjoy together a great day.

- May 25th - Albanian Water Sports participates in the opening season of the Karavasta Lagoon beach in Divjake, info available here.

- June 15th - Albanian Water Sports participates in the opening season at the Velipoje beach.

- June 20 - The Yoga Day. We hosted the Yoga Day in our hotel, organized by the Free Flow Yoga Tirana.

- June 16th - Albanian Water Sports participates in the Lake Day in Shiroke, Shkodra Lake. Event page is here.

September 1st - The Windsurfing Academy restarts until mid-October.





Directions to our place in Velipoje: There are daily flights to Albania from most European capitals and we have our sailing equipment windsurfing kits, canoes, stand-up paddling boards and sailboats located in Velipoje, a very nice beach of Albania, located almost at the border with Montenegro (1.5 hours drive from Tirana/airport).

From Tirane (total distance is 120 km, 1.5 hours by car) or Rinas airport, head the highway toward north for Shkoder. About 2km before entering Shkoder follow the road sign and turn left for Velipoje. Drive 25km, cross the Velipoje village and head toward Velipoje beach. At the beach main road take the turn to the right at Road No 4, we are there, on the right side of this road, just 30 meters before reaching the beach.

Alternatively you may reach us by car, driving through the Montenegro coastline, cross the border with Albania and as soon as you pass the main bridge in Shkoder, turn right on your way to Velipoje and follow the above instructions to reach our place.

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