We have a variety of windsurfs, catamarans, dinghies, kayaks and other water/non-water sports equipment available to rent with or without tuition. Here you may find an overview of the equipment, by sport category, we have for our clients. Sport equipment can be rented by the hour, half-day, day, weekends or throughout your stay with us. Contact us at info@albanianwatersports.com for inquiries.



  • We have a rich mixture of windsurf boards covering beginner and intermediate sailors needs. Freeride and freestyle, from 90l up to 300l, all in different shapes and widths, including various fin selections, daggerboards and footstraps etc.
  • Windsurfing rental price varies by type of equipment and season. During the summer period beginner equipment starts at a price of 29 euro for 3 hours rental. Check out our other offers or email us at info@albanianwatersports.com for a tailored program to suit your needs.

  • We have different size and models rigs starting from 1.5m2 (for kids), trainer rigs which are prefect for adults and older children to learn with, and full rigs for intermediate windsurfers (up to 9m2).
  • We have several windsurfing accessories (harnesses and harness lines, different size footstraps, wetsuits etc.).

2. Sailboats

Here you may find the specifications for our sailboats:

  • Hobie Cat 15, length 5m, maximum capacity 4-5 persons, 2 sails 11.7m2 and 3.5m2, mast height 7.2m.

our HC 15


A fast but forgiving catarmaran the Hobie 15 is a confidence and skill builder for children and adults who want to move away from beginner vessels.

Our Hobie 15s are located on water front moorings or on the shore with launching wheels so they're ready to go when you are.

For more information about the Hobie 15 click here.

  • Windrush catamaran, length 4.7m, maximum capacity 4 persons, 2 sails 10.4m2 and 2.7m2, mast height 7m. Full specifications are here

view of windrush

  • Laser Pico, length 3.5m, maximum capacity 1 adult/2 children, 2 sails 5.1m2 and 1.2m2, mast height 5.8m

view of laser pico

The Pico is a fun and confidence building dinghy for adults and children alike. Ideal for anyone to take thier first steps off the beach our Picos include removable jibs and reefing main sails. ready rigged on the waters edge our Picos are ready to go!

For more information on the Pico, click here.

  • Laser Funboat, length 3.8m, maximum capacity 2 persons, sail 5.8m2, mast height 5m

view of funboat

  • Optimist, length 2.5m, maximum capacity 1 person, sail 3.5m2, mast height 3m

view of the optimist


3. Kayaks

We have a variety of solo, small and large tandem kayaks which mean that all the family, however many, can get on the water at once. An exciting way to explore the Velipoje bay; kayaking is fun and can be a great introduction for non-sailing children to the water.


4. Stand Up Paddle

 We have various stand up paddle boards, 260l in volume, wide style with a 19cm fin. SUP boards are used with aluminium paddles available in different sizes.



5. Wakeboard

6. Waterskiis

7. Bikes and mountain bikes

8. Accessories