Our holiday and sport packages for the 2017 season:


We organize these regular packages throughout the year:

  • Peak season packages (June-September)
  • Off-season packages
  • Promotional packages (windsurfing and sailing)

Here are the details for each category:


Holiday and sport packages for the peak season (June to September):

Franz Joseph Island Tour






sailing offer


Buna river tour 1

  biking  Stand Up Paddling Vilun Lagoon



Holiday and sport packages for off-peak season (March-May and October-November):

learn windsurfing offer

3x1x3x1 offer


windsurfing offer



Franz Joseph Island Tour


 Buna river tour 1  Buna river tour 2  Buna River Stand Up Paddling Full Tour
 Stand Up Paddling Vilun Lagoon  SUP canoe bike all day offer  Stand Up Paddling Velipoje Shengjin
 Promotional packages:

windsurfing package

1. Learn Windsurfing in a Weekend: 

  • 85   per person (April-May)  
  • 99   per person (June and September) 
This is an All-inclusive package, different from those above!


  In this two-days weekend intensive program, beginners would understand the basic concepts of sailing and windsurfing, and be able to windsurf comfortably, including start, sailing alone and returning to the starting spot. Available for all ages 6-50. The package includes:

·         Hotel accommodation for 1 night (Saturday, 2-3 persons per studio)

·         Meals (breakfast on Sunday, lunch Sat/Sun) and light beverages

·         Windsurfing tuition for two days

·         Use of equipment for two days

·          Additional activities - yoga, biking, jogging, instructional movies etc

Full program of this package is here

  windsurfing package

2. Learn and practice windsurfing in 1 week!

 Package includes:


  •  Hotel accommodation 7 nights (details here) 
 April 2017: 199  € per person
  •  Windsurfing tuition with instructor - 3  x 2 hours 
 May - June 15, 2017: 249  € per person
  •  Windsurfing equipment rental for 7 days (all day) 
 June 15-31, 2017: 299  € per person
  •  All taxes and reception drink 
 September 2017: 249  € per person

windsurfing package

You may also wish to check out our other holiday packages combining water sport activities with relaxation in our seaside hotel. Contact us at info@albanianwatersports.com for reservations and questions.

Q&A about windsurfing:

For who is the sport suitable?
For everyone who has fun with movement and action.

What do I need to learn windsurfing?
You are more than 7 years old, you can swim and you have fun in sports!

How can I learn windsurfing?
The quickest and most successful way you will learn windsurfing is with a educated windsurf instructor.
Search a Windsurf school of your choice, and register yourself for a windsurf beginner course.

Is windsufing difficult?
No, if your choose the right spot, material and a good windsurfing instructor! And if you also bring your own ambition and will, then it’s easy to learn windsurfing. We provide you with all you need for this purpose.

Is windsurfing dangerous?
No, windsurfing isn’t dangerous. During your course you will deal with the possible dangers, and you will learn what to do in emergency situations. Windsurfing is one of the sports with the less injuries.

Which spots are suitable for windsurf beginners?
Most suitable spots with flatwater, with not many waves, without shore breaks. Velipoje has these advantages!

How quickly can I learn windsurfing?
The first success you will see within a few hours. After finishing the beginner course you will have the skills to drive straight independently, to turn, to drive back to the starting point, and to move you safety on the water.

What is the training for a windsurf course?
After a short theoretical introduction on the beach, about the material, weather, water and wind, you can go directly on the water!
There you will learn to drive straight and to turn. Later on you will learn to control, turn, jibe, beachstart and to drive with a harness!

What do I need, what should I bring with me?
Swimwear is sufficient, wetsuit and surfshoes for protection against cold and injury, you will get from us.

What kind of surf material do I need?
It’s very important to use beginner surf material, it means special boards for beginners which are particularly stable, and light sails, to learn the tecnique easy with little power as possible.The right material you will get provided during your course

Should I buy my own surf equipment after the course?
No, you don’t need your own equipment, you rent the windsurf material on each windsurf center worldwide. Often they offer also special beginner material to rent!

Can I rent material after the course?
Yes of course, you can rent special beginner material!