Kayaking is a great sport to build core, chest and back muscles while exploring longer water distances you may reach with swimming. The Velipoje beach is a protected bay with calm waters which allows you to travel with our kayaks in the nearby sites - Vilun lagoon, Buna river or Rana Hedhun.


Often, fisherman prefer taking a kayak to travel a few hundred meters from the shore and go for fishing on a kayak. This is a great alternative to boating and at the same time allows you to enjoy two different sports at the same time.

Similarly, individuals or couples take a kayak to practice and swim in deep crystal waters and away from the crowded beach.

An interesting adventure is to ride on a kayak the Buna river, which runs from Shkoder to Velipoje, just 3 km north of our spot.

kayaking velipoje

We have a selection of single or tandem kayaks, contact us at info@albanianwatersports.com for availability and reservations.