It is estimated that more than 1 million persons visit Velipoje each year during the summer season. Guess what's common for 99.9% of them? Yes, swimming in the sea is the best Velipoje beach could offer with its beautiful blue line, long and wide beach, warm water and healthy sand, forests and overall climate.

Everyone loves to swim in the water and the season starts early here, first time tryers are observed in the water by early March (March 15th is the Summer Day, an official holiday in Albania) and there are people swimming without a swimming wetsuit by November.

Velipoje sea is relatively shallow sandy beach but luckily not annoyingly shallow as in Durres. You have to walk about 20m in the sea for the water to reach adults chest level.

velipoje coast

Swimming instructors, especially for the kids, are available on demand. Let us know if you are interested. Otherwise this activity is safe, enjoyable and great to socialize with friends and local community.