Velipoje is Albania's paradise for learning and practicing windsurfing. The large, protected and well closed bay, and the Vilun lagoon, offer constant flat water throughout the year as waves are pretty uncommon for the sea. The water conditions are complemented by warm climate which offers neoprene-free sailing from early March till November, and steady sideshore winds.

Windsurfing is a great way for people of virtually any age to stay in shape and enjoy the fun. The advancing technology enables now windsurfing for every age, with kids starting it as early as 7 years old. The new equipment is light-weight and very user friendly. Beginners can learn the fundamentals in just a few hours as modern windsurfing rigs are much stable. Younger people love the adrenaline rush of blasting at high speeds, freestyling tricks, or racing in competition. There is nothing to compare with sailing across the water with just your board below your feet.

Here are some pictures from our windsurfing activity in Velipoje:



Windsurfing rental start from 29 Euro for 3 hours during the summer period and tuition has the same price for 1 hour training. For the off-peak season we have many other options to choose. 

You can learn the sport with us and understand why the term 'Ride like the wind' is about windsurfing. You'll have a blast!

The best hours for windsurfing during the summer season are between 1pm-5pm when strong, thermal winds from west, blow constantly over 15knots, with speed often exceeding 30 knots. During the morning east winds are more calm although occassionally they blow easily over 25 knots.

Over the recent years September has been the period with the strongest winds, combined with perfectly flat water.

Our spot in Velipoje beach is an ideal place to start and progress freeriding, race, slalom or try the first freestyle actions in the sea. No wave discipline, unfortunately. You'll have to travel a bit if you are interested on wave surfing or radical freestyling, unfortunately no spot in the world cannot please everybody.

Otherwise, it's enjoyable! We have various equipment for rent to suit your needs, just drop us an email at or come and visit to get more info on our windsurfing packages.

We  also have experienced trainers for those interested to learn windsurfing, including for kids which can start the sport when they reach about 7 years old. The professional instruction from the guides will allow you to rapidly reach the targets you have set for yourself. You will be the one to set the course pace, no matter what is your skill level and your phase. Each of the maneuvers and training sessions is composed by steps that are logically structured and are modular built to enable individual step by step training. This is why the course makes you learn and improve your skill quickly and efficiently, and to achieve your goal skill.

All the windsurfing basic courses take place in our site and the beach in superb windsurfing conditions, all the beginners courses are done solely during the morning or late evening, when the winds are lighter, and allow easier control and maneuvering of the wind-surf.

Q&A about windsurfing:

For who is the sport suitable?
For everyone who has fun with movement and action.

What do I need to learn windsurfing?
You are more than 7 years old, you can swim and you have fun in sports!

How can I learn windsurfing?
The quickest and most successful way you will learn windsurfing is with a educated windsurf instructor.
Search a Windsurf school of your choice, and register yourself for a windsurf beginner course.

Is windsufing difficult?
No, if your choose the right spot, material and a good windsurfing instructor! And if you also bring your own ambition and will, then it’s easy to learn windsurfing. We provide you with all you need for this purpose.

Is windsurfing dangerous?
No, windsurfing isn’t dangerous. During your course you will deal with the possible dangers, and you will learn what to do in emergency situations. Windsurfing is one of the sports with the less injuries.

Which spots are suitable for windsurf beginners?
Most suitable spots with flatwater, with not many waves, without shore breaks. Velipoje has these advantages!

How quickly can I learn windsurfing?
The first success you will see within a few hours. After finishing the beginner course you will have the skills to drive straight independently, to turn, to drive back to the starting point, and to move you safety on the water.

What is the training for a windsurf course?
After a short theoretical introduction on the beach, about the material, weather, water and wind, you can go directly on the water!
There you will learn to drive straight and to turn. Later on you will learn to control, turn, jibe, beachstart and to drive with a harness!

What do I need, what should I bring with me?
Swimwear is sufficient, wetsuit and surfshoes for protection against cold and injury, you will get from us.

What kind of surf material do I need?
It’s very important to use beginner surf material, it means special boards for beginners which are particularly stable, and light sails, to learn the tecnique easy with little power as possible.The right material you will get provided during your course

Should I buy my own surf equipment after the course?
No, you don’t need your own equipment, you rent the windsurf material on each windsurf center worldwide. Often they offer also special beginner material to rent!

Can I rent material after the course?
Yes of course, you can rent special beginner material!