Albanian Water Sports

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NATURE’S POWER, YOUR ENERGY: Get fit, have fun and discover the beautiful Albania

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September 10th: Sazan Island SUP Race is open to experienced SUP riders from all the world. About 10 km distance to Albania’s main island.

September 24: Farka Lake (Tirana) SUP Cup Competition is open to young participants from all the high schools and universities in the region

Sports and Holiday Packages

In cooperation with our partner hotel - Princi i Vogel, Velipoje, we provide holiday packages combining accommodation with water sports activities


Learn and practice windsurfing with us, at the best spot in Albania. We have a huge range of equipment to please the needs for everyone, starting from 5 years old kids.


Visit our clinic to learn sailing and practice with our non-motorized dinghies and catamarans sailboats.


When no windy or just for fun, ride across the shore by stand-up paddling for an exhilarating workout on the water.