Albanian Coast by SUP 2023

Albanian Water Sports is organizing a full ride by SUP of the Albanian coastline, starting from Franz Joseph Island in north, border with Montenegro (Velipoje, Buna River) to the Tongo Island in south, bordering Greece.

The full length of the coastline, around 316 kilometers long, will be covered by SUP segments of 20-40 kilometers long, to be completed by sessions of 4-6 hours mostly during the weekends between March 15 and October 31, 2023, particularly during the spring and fall season. The segments would not be necessarily sequential.

Registered participants will receive details of the schedule, which will also be announced in our social media accounts.

This endurance activity is reserved only for experienced SUP riders willing to join a team and riding at least 20 kilometers per session.

This activity is not about speed, but endurance. At the end of the activity, riders who have completed 90% of the total trip will be awarded as Legend of the SUP 2023, those who complete 50-90% of the total trip will be awarded as Heroes of SUP 2023 and those who complete 30-50% of the total trip, as Pro SUP 2023.

Participation fee for this activity is 3000 ALL.