SUP Yoga And SUP Tour retreat

Join us for a retreat that combines a SUP Yoga session on the water with our certified Yoga instructors and a Stand-up Paddling Tour tailored to the specific needs of the participants. This retreat package is designed specifically for groups of 8-12 persons aiming to build teamwork away from the office. It also includes a hiking activity in the National Reserve Park of Velipojë to the Buna River mouth, birdwatching and park exploration.


The package runs until the third week of June and includes half-board accommodation 2-3 persons per apartment at Hotel Princi i Vogël. Breakfast, fixed menu lunch and two drinks per person are included.



Price: 6,000 Albanian Lekë per person.

Learn Windsurfing in Two Days, or three...

This package provides the basic concepts of windsurfing, practice windsurfing in the water learning to windsurf in a direction and return back. It is designed to run during the weekends, starting Friday evening until Sunday but can be tailored to specific needs. Available during April-May and October-November. The program comprises:

1st day evening (19:30 – 22:00): Intro session focusing on theory and understanding of key concepts of wind, sailing and windsurfing: Basic principles of sailing, Points of sailing, Rules of sailing and safety in windsurfing, Understanding of windsurfing equipment, Balancing principles and windsurfing position.

2nd day (10:00 – 13:00, 15:00 – 18:00): Land and water practice on: Learning correctly the windsurfing position, Windsurfing on a straight course, Sail steering, Foot steering. During the afternoon we will learn how to progress on making the turn: tacking.

3rd day (10:00 – 13:00… or more): The session will continue with practice, improving posture and turns, and learn the basic elements of jibing in the water. The third day is optional for those who want to improve and make progress with windsurfing.

The package includes half-board accommodation 2-3 persons per apartment at Hotel Princi i Vogël. Breakfast, fixed menu lunch and two drinks per person are included. This is a group based session, with 2-3 participants sharing one windsurfing equipment.

 Price: 8,500 Albanian Lekë per person (one night) or 12,500 Albanian Lekë per person (two nights).

Living Buna: Post-COVID19 Active program for kids 10-14 years

This Living Buna package is designed for kids 10-14 years old. 

It is organized every week for three full days and comprises a full range of activities including Windsurfing and Stand-up Paddling basics, birdwatching and photographing in the forest, visit to the farm where kids collect produce and feed animals, preparation of home-made cheese and yogurt, as well as other games and beach activities. Full accommodation for three nights and all meals and drinks at Hotel Princi i Vogel are included in the price. Transfer from/to hotel is available on demand at extra charge.

The package starts every Tuesday morning until Friday morning. For more details the full program is available.

Price: 11.000 Albanian Leke per person.

Buna River SUP TOur
5 Days package

Buna River SUP TOur
5 Days package (Albanian Language)

sup tour buna river
sup tour buna river

Buna River SUP TOur
Pro Series
3 Days package

sup tours buna river

Buna River SUP TOur
2 Days package

sup tour buna river