Cruise on the Water. Discover the Beautiful Albania

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Learn and practice sailing in the beautiful albanian coastline

Sailing offers something special you could want on your holiday. There’s so much you can see and do, and every sailing session is different. Albania has a magnificent coastline and sailing through the sea is a great way to explore the beautiful landscape, especially in areas where otherwise it is difficult or impossible to travel. Sailors are passionate about their time on the water—buoyed by a sense of empowerment as the wind fills the sails and the boat glides peacefully through the water. Sailing is a green activity, is wind powered, and is fulfilling for anyone at any age. This is the lifestyle you’ve been dreaming about—to share with family and friends close to home or in magnificent cruising grounds around the world. Whether you’re interested in day sailing, cruising, competitive racing, or charter vacations, there is a sailboat for you and a lifetime of sailing adventures ahead.

At our spot in Velipoje beach we have single hull, small, sportive sailboats – Laser Pico, Funboat, Optimist etc. which are excellent to learn and progress the sailing skills. In Durres bay area and/or in the Southern coast we have larger sailboats capable of holding up to 4-5 persons, which is great for longer rides across the sea. Sailing has the power to change your outlook by spinning you in a new direction with different people and ambitions. It also provides a fresh perspective on how and where you spend your leisure time.  

What We Offer

OUR activities

For Our Members

Non-limited Sailboat Rental, full season (Velipoje beach): 225€

Free Participation in all the training sessions

Participation in Our Competitions and Sailing Events

For Non-Members

Sailboat Rental (Velipoje Beach): 30€ / hour, 60€/Half Day

Sailing Tuition: 50€ / hour

Sailboat Rental in other places: Contact us

How To

The Basics of Sailing

International Regulations for Avoiding Collisions at Sea:

1. Always maintain a proper lookout by sight as well as hearing to avoid colliding with other boats 

2. Maintain a safe speed at all times so that you remain in control of your boat 

3. Use common sense when assessing risk of collision with other boats near and around you 

4. Port tack gives way to starboard tack: If two sailboats are approaching each other and the wind is on a different side of each boat, then sailing rules are that the sailboat which has the wind on the port side must always give right of way to the other. (The port side is the left-hand side of the boat when you are facing the front.) 

5. Windward gives way to leeward: If two sailboats are approaching each other and the wind is on the same side of each boat, then sailing rules are that the vessel which is to windward (the direction of the wind) must give the right of way to the vessel which is leeward (the opposite direction of the wind). 

6. If you are at risk of colliding with another boat and all else fails, then agreed sailing rules are that whichever boat has the other boat on its starboard side must yield right of way. (The starboard is the right-hand side of the boat when you are facing the front.) 

7. Any vessel overtaking another should always keep out of the way of the vessel being overtaken. 

8. A sailboat should always keep out of the way of any boat that is: a) not under command, b) restricted in its ability to maneuver, and c) engaged in fishing 

9. When passing through a narrow channel, sailing instructions are to keep as close to the outer edge as possible. 

10. Non-commercial powerboats usually give way to sailboats, unless the sailboat is overtaking it. However, general sailing instructions are also that sailboats should try to stay out of the way of large vessels and ferryboats that may find it harder to slow or change direction—especially in narrow channels.

Respect other water users and take extra precautions by constantly observing the water around for other riders, water sports, obstacles, net-fish, animals etc. Stay close but not too close to the shore to avoid wave breaks

Smile, take it easy and have fun!

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