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SUP Yoga

Water Balance: Never the Same Yoga Workout

about Yoga on Paddleboard in Albania

In partnership with professional yoga practitioners and studios since 2016 we pioneered SUP Yoga sessions (Yoga on Paddleboards) which bring the Yoga experiences in a completely new level. Practicing Yoga on a SUP is fun and an additional challenge due to the added stability dimension of exercising over the water surface. Our home spot in Velipoje beach has flat water conditions that helps significantly to learn this new experience while sharing the fun with others

Several SUP Yoga sessions are held throughout the year, starting from March until October. We organize the SUP Yoga sessions with our instructors and in partnership with Yoga studios in Tirana, Montenegro and Kosovo

Benefits of SUP Yoga

Our first SUP Yoga session was organized during the spring 2016. Since then we have had numerous sessions with many guests from our members and Yoga community in Albania, Kosovo, Montenegro and across the world . Upgrading the skills of Yoga to a whole new level is the main advantage of SUP Yoga

Prepare for SUP Yoga Sessions

Improve your body power

SUP Yoga provides amazing health benefits and complements stand up paddle sessions. SUP Yoga combined with SUP sessions increase immensely the endurance in legs, back, core, shoulders, and arms.

Our SUP Yoga sessions are usually combined with short SUP rides for an amazing workout challenge.

Our guests love to combine the morning SUP Yoga sessions with Yoga classes in the evening.

core workout
Added Balance
New Muscles Involved

SUP Yoga Equipment

We use both inflatable and solid, state of the art SUP boards for our SUP Yoga session. The instructor has a ring-shaped platform around which all the boards are connected, ensuring stability and connectivity of the group with the instructor

All boards are suitable for SUP sessions after the Yoga experience

Strong core and Balance Exercise

Downward Facing Dog, Chair Pose, Warrior 1 and 2, Updog, Boat Pose, Vasistasana, Plank, Seated Twist, Savasana are among the common poses used during the session. Experienced users may try full Wheel or Handstand

Amazing results

Exercising yoga on the board that floats on the water engages the core muscles and strengthens other muscles which wouldn't otherwise be used on the mat. SUP Yoga requires intense focus between poses to keep the board steady. This helps a lot to improve the yoga performance

fun and healthy

Fall on the water and it's just...water. No hard crashes, but lots of fun to be shared with the group and your family or friends admiring you from the shore or through the pics you share

important things

SUP Yoga sessions are designed for everyone with some basic Yoga experience, able to go through the basic poses and their transitions under the guidance of the instructor

You don’t need to bring any equipment. However, to effectively do SUP yoga, you will need proper attire – stretchy, water-resistant workout attire is recommended when performing such poses. Wetsuit might be useful in cold days

All our SUP Yoga sessions are in English

SUP Yoga sessions are designed for all ages and needs. We provide also special sessions of SUP Yoga for children

Yes, we organize advanced sessions as well, they combine extensive work on more difficult poses and are tailored to experienced yoga practitioners

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