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Stand up paddling in albania

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SUP – Stand Up Paddling – is a fun way to explore the nature, and at the same time, exercise your body! And, since you stand at full height on your board, it gives you a unique point for viewing what’s down under the water and out on the horizon. If you enjoy using SUPs, or would like to learn, we offer training sessions and SUP rentals that are suitable for all experience levels.  Whether you want to practice your paddling, have a fun group trip, or create an intimate getaway, we’ll help you create your own adventure.

We, at Albanian Water Sports have been practicing and training SUP since 2009.

SUP is a superior core workout for cross-training as it brings together legs, back, feet, arms, neck and stomach muscles in a graceful display of core strength and balance.  Along with paddling you’ll use lot of different body simply balance around the board, which provides you more exercise than you understand. If you are looking at both aerobic and strength exercise, this is the perfect sport.

From the upright standing position on the SUP you enjoy a full view of the Velipoje coastline, paddling away from the crowded beach and explore natural beauties surrounding the area. Our guests prefer paddling from our spot to the Vilun lagoon (30 minutes ride), explore inside the lagoon, paddle northwest up to the border with Montenegro, tour the Velipoje coastline, visit Rana Hedhun, or, head to the Buna river.

What We Offer

OUR activities

For Our Members

Non-limited SUP Rental, full season (Velipoje beach): 99 €

Free Participation in all the training sessions

Discounts and Priority on SUP Tours

For Non-Members

SUP Rental:
10€ / hour, 25€/Half Day

SUP Basics Training:
20€ / hour

SUP test clearance for SUP tours: 15€

Giant SUP Rental (up to 8 persons): 45€ / hour, 99€/Half Day

SUP Training, Intermediate:
25€ / hour

Group Sessions:
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How To

Our Basics of Stand up paddling

Use the right equipment

Select your gear by following the professional advice of our staff. Using the wrong equipment can make the sport difficult or even impossible for beginners. Always inflate the board to the indicated pressure, use the leash and the life jacket

Correctly adjust the size of the paddle

Follow the instructions of our staff to adjust the length of the paddle. As a rule of thumb for flat water conditions, put the paddle next to you on the ground, blade up. The throat of the paddle should be the same level as  your nose/eyes. Improper paddle length could affect your performance and hurt muscles of your body. 

Start sitting on your knees

It is stand up paddling but it always starts sitting on your knees. A few quick paddles would start the board and remember, speed equals stability, like in a bike. As the board starts moving, quickly stand up and continue paddling

Use your core, not your arms

The power of paddling stands on your shoulders and is transmitted to the board through your core and legs. Don’t use your arms for SUP, if you try you will get tired soon and will go slow on the water

Learn to fall

It’s just soft water, everybody falls and you will fall in the water. Try it to get used to falling, avoid clashing with the board and especially the paddle. Use the leash to get back to your board

Look at the direction you want to go

Keep your vision up by looking at the horizon in the direction you are aiming. The body and the board will follow. Don’t look at your feet, board or paddle

Alternate your strokes

Learn how to alternate your strokes by shifting the paddle on both sides. Try paddling 4-6 strokes on each side and then change side. Compensate the strokes to adjust the direction as needed

Learn turning and stopping the SUP

Use the paddle and balance on your feet to turn the board or stop it on the water, before enduring in long rides. Practice well through short rides to improve confidence

Beware of your surroundings

Respect other water users and take extra precautions by constantly observing the water around for other riders, water sports, obstacles, net-fish, animals etc. Stay close but not too close to the shore to avoid wave breaks

Smile, take it easy and have fun!

full body workout that leaves you Refreshed

go beyond your limits