Kitesurfing is getting popular in Albania and Velipoje, as it is in the Montenegro’s nearby Ada Bojana (just 5km north of Velipoje) – which is considered as a Mecca for kitesurfers around the world. Occassionally kites pop up in the Velipoje sky and often competitions start between devoted kiters and windsurfers, with the lasts more in numbers and certainly riding faster.

Velipoje is a good spot for kitesurfing, especially in the northern area of the beach, in the proximity of Buna river delta, where west winds blow directly at 20-30 knots and with less people around the beach. It is important to know that Velipoje is a closed bay and the water is mostly flat. If you are interested on wave freestyling you may seek other spots.

For safety reasons we don’t provide kitesurfing lessons during the summer period due to the space requirements and limitations by the increased number of holidays makers at the beach.

Our kitesurfing rental – to experienced users only – starts from 20 Euro per hour or 49 Euro for 3 hours (beginner to intermediate equipment).