Water Sports Academy

Albanian Water Sports has promoted the water sports activities with the youth community in the Tirana area.  Windsurfing, SUP competitions and trainings, canoeing, SUP Yoga were among the sports we promoted in the Farka and Tirana Lakes. This activity is supported by the Tirana European Youth Capital 2022 programme with the financial support of the National Youth Congress in cooperation with the Municipality of Tirana.

Tirana SUP Cup 2022, Farka Lake. September 2022

Learn Windsurfing in Tirana, Farka Lake. Summer 2022

SUP Yoga, Farka Lake. June 2022

Canoeing, Farka Lake. Summer 2022

Learn and practice Stand-up Paddling, Farka Lake. Summer 2022

Stand-up Paddling, Tirana Lake. January 2023