Our spot in Velipojë is Albania’s paradise beach for learning and practicing windsurf. The large, well protected from waves and  enclosed bay, including the Vilun lagoon, has constantly flat water throughout the year, ideal for learning windsurf. The flat water conditions are complemented by a warm climate enabling neoprene-free sailing from as early as mid-March until late November.

Windsurfing is a great sport activity for any age to stay in shape and enjoy fun. The advancing technology now enables windsurfing for every age, with kids starting as early as 6 years. Our windsurfing equipment is light-weight and user friendly. Beginners can learn the fundamentals in just a few hours. Younger persons love the adrenaline rush at high speeds, freestyling tricks, or racing in competition. There is nothing to compare with sailing across the water with just your board below your feet.

All our guests are able to learn windsurfing, sail independently on a straight line and return back at the initial spot on their own. All within just 4-5 hours of guided practice.

In our center we have a large range of modern sails from 1.5m2 to 12m2 and various boards for beginners, speed, formula, wave and freestyle.